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Just practice so I don’t lose my ability to draw entirely.
Do I like Harley Quinn?Well

Just wanted to draw Harley and got to practice the pen tool and stuff a little before I finish my digital foundations assignment.
Self portrait using only the marquee and paint bucket tools in photoshop for digital foundations.

Just started this a little while ago. Still gotta do at least half of a body.I need to learn not to mess with color until I finish the lineart.

   Follow me, Doc.
Yggdrasil’s Lamentation
The KidWatercolor on Yupo. Edited in photoshop.
Something from a few years ago.

Nursed Curse

Very old, somewhat lengthy series of one of my characters. It was partially conceptual, attempting to flesh out the story and create a more interesting world. This photoset is actually missing one of the pieces I did.

Two versions of this. One with texture and one without.
Kind of an old character. Might redesign her some time soon.

Interior space from observation and still life.
Had to do these in a short amount of time, so they’re a bit rough.

Only A Test